Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting for Nonprofits:

Manage Multiple Entities & Donor Funding with Clarity

The Nonprofit Accounting Software That Lets You Pursue Your Mission More Efficiently

In the nonprofit world, it’s all about maximizing impact –and that often means a host of challenges that can overwhelm your finance team and the nonprofit accounting software you use. Sage Intacct provides complete financial visibility and clarity, while CORDIA provides the accounting expertise you need to set up the right accounting processes, manage compliance requirements, and make sure you are getting the best ROI on your technology investment.

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Manage Your Organization’s Complexity

How can your nonprofit achieve efficiency and clarity when you’re operating different legal entities with different currencies and different tax jurisdictions? Forget the headaches of spreadsheets and manual reconciliations. Sage Intacct’s sophisticated multidimensional database lets you aggregate transactions and activities across your nonprofit organization:

  • Multiple entities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple grants and donors
  • Multiple locations

With push-button consolidations, you get fast closings and real-time analytics—in minutes, not weeks—for maximum impact on your nonprofit’s performance. With CORDIA as a partner to put in place best-in-class processes, your organization will operate efficiently.

"We chose Sage Intacct because it offered tremendous capabilities from the start, as well as the ability to customize the solution for our particular needs."

Ivette Ruiz Babylon
Controller, Acceller, a Sage Intacct Customer

Comprehensive Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

Sage Intacct understands the importance of tracking and reporting on sources and uses of funds. Through dimensionality and flexible workflows, Sage Intacct accurately separates income streams, funders, restricted classification, and many other data points to allow your organization to accurately report activity and fund balances to relevant stakeholders. This level of flexibility and transparency is unique to Sage Intacct and gives funders the confidence they need when relying on your organizations information. Sage Intacct allows the ability to easily track, manage, and close each revenue source through a series of highly configurable reports.

Sage Intacct fund accounting helps generate:

  • Statements of activities
  • Statements of financial position
  • Statements of cash flow
  • SEFA details
  • Form 990

Stronger Internal Controls, Tighter Cash Management

Sage Intacct accounting software gives you features for centralized control and distributed responsibility in one system, so you can:

  • Manage monies by grants/donors, programs, geographies, and other dimensions
  • Achieve a granular level of accuracy
  • Set budgets for each event, campaign, program, and funder
  • Track the actuals to create tighter controls and prevent unexpected outcomes
  • Manage capital budgets

Complete Visibility and Transparency

Transparency is essential for securing and keeping donors and sponsors on board. Sage Intacct provides:

  • Speed – With Sage Intacct, you can quickly “know and show” what’s happening across your nonprofit organization.
  • Accuracy – Your board demands the same caliber of reporting and analysis from the for-profit world.
  • Clarity – See financial and operational data in new ways for actionable insights and smarter decisions.

Sage Intacct’s Core Functions/Financials

Sage Intacct’s core functions help streamline and automate manual processes and give you real-time financial visibility. Learn more about Accounts PayableAccount ReceivableCash ManagementGeneral LedgerOrder Management, and Purchasing.